Traditional homestays

ZTDA homestays offer a clean and comfortable place for resting and refreshing after your trip. The warm welcome you receive on your stay here is certainly one of the highlights of your visit to the Zerafshan Valley.

Staying at one of our homestays you will:
Experience the culture and traditions of rural Tajik mountain dwellers
Taste the traditional Tajik cuisine. You will be offered a choice of Tajik and Western dishes, cooked with fresh, home grown, local ingredients
Get support and assistance for the next stage of your journey

We can offer you homestays close to any area you wish to visit.

Don’t forget that by using our homestays you will be supporting the local community and hence contribute to the development of Tajikistan.

Transport services

ZTDA can provide local transportation in the Zerafshan Valley

Our drivers can:
Meet you in Sarvoda, if you are coming from Dushanbe,
Pick you up on the Tajik-Uzbek border, if you are coming from Samarqand;
Meet you in Ayni, if you are arriving in Zerafshan Valley.
Our drivers are highly experienced in driving in mountainous areas.
Minbusus (UAZ) or 4×4 jeeps (NIVA LADA, RAV 4) can take you into remote mountain places. If you are travelling in a group of up to 3 people, the NIVA LADA is the vehicle we would recommend.   For 4 people the RAV4 is the best option. If the groups is larger than 4 people a UAZ would be appropriate for your trip. Both UAZs and 4×4 Jeeps are in very good condition.

Folkore shows

Despite its comparatively small size, the provinces of Tajikistan can be distinguished from each other by their traditions, customs, and culture. It is also common for the districts within each province to have their own unique features in terms of language and ancestry.
The folklore show involves music and singing by the talented local villagers of the Zerafshan Valley. During your stay in the valley you may also have the opportunity to witness a traditional wedding ceremony or a number of other special celebrations which often take place here.