Guiding services

Who knows the Zerafshan Valley better than its inhabitants? All our local guides have spent their lives in these areas and are proud to tell you their stories about their villages and people. Our guides' knowledge of the region will make your trip in the Zarafshan Valley a memorable experience!.

We are glad to introduce to you our expereinced guides. You can find guides and translators able to speak English, German, Russian and Tajik.

Yokubov Iskhoq

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Iskhok is 55 years old and spent most of his life as a delivery man, transporting goods throughout Tajikistan. He is fond of history and is interested in Persian and Arabic writings. He is also a very experienced guide having taken tours around the valley when Tajikistan was a part of the Soviet Union. As a result he has a thorough knowledge of the area, particularly around Iskandarkul.

Davlatov Karim

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Karim is 46 years old and a brigadier of the local geological expedition. Karim and his sons are able to tell you everything you could possibly wish to know about Saratog village and would be delighted to show you around. Karim and his family are also able to tell you about the fascinating legends surrounding Iskanderkul Lake.

Davlatov Yakhyo

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Yakhyo is Karim’s brother and is working at a geological base. During the summer he also acts as a tour guide. As a geologist he has a vast knowledge of the Fan Mountains. Yakhyo also has a guesthouse available to tourists in Saratog village.

Boturov Tuychi

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Tuychi is 29 years old and works as a carpenter. In addition he has been working with tourists for more than 12 years. As a result he has and excellent knowledge of the fifth lake (‘Khurdak’) area. Tuychi and his family live in Padrud village.

Shakhmaev Begmahmad

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Begmahmad is 41 years old and is known in his village as Jumaboy, which means Friday. Begmahmad has a great sense of humour and often introduces himself to tourists as ‘Friday’. He lives in Nofin village near to the fourth lake. Begmahmad has a good knowledge of local plants and healing herbs.

Asrorov A.

Languages: Tajik, Russian and German

Asrorov teaches German at the local school in his village. Because of his language skills he often accompanies German speaking tourists and visitors. He was born and grew up in Shing and knows a great deal about the history of the villages along the river, knowledge which he would be delighted to share with you.

Atoev Umar

Languages: Tajik, Russian, French and English

Umar is an English teacher. He graduated from the Pedagogical Institute and came to Veshab to teach at the village school. He is highly recommended for tours to the Shamsi Tabrezi mausoleum!

Normakhmedov Odil

Languages: Tajik, Russian, French and English

Odil is a teacher at Veshab village school. He is very knowledgable about his own village as well as the Zerafshan Valley in general. He is a great story teller and whatever language you speak he will always find a way to communicate. He is the best linguist in the area.

Ashurov Abdurashid

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Abdurashid is a teacher at the village secondary school in Sarvoda. During the summer he and his family spend a lot of time at the Alauddin Lakes where he runs his own small chaykhona (tea house). If your journey to the Alauddin or Iskanderkul Lakes takes you through Sarvoda, Abdurashid will be very happy to meet you to accompany you further on your route!

Makhkamov Muddasir

Languages: Tajik and Russian

Muddasir’s enthusiasm and sense of humor make him equally popular with his school students as with his tour groups. Muddasir is a very popular guide and often leads tours to the Alauddin Lakes. He also organizes a beautiful folklore show along with his colleagues from the village school in Shurmashk.