No one knows Zerafshan Valley better than its inhabitants

The usual ZTDA tour is a combination of hiking or trekking in the valley’s fantastic surroundings and an exploration of its rich culture and traditions. All the services included in the tour package are delivered by local providers in an environmentally friendly way. In conducting the tour, guides, drivers and other service providers place a great deal of significance in ensuring no lasting marks are left on the environment. We also provide our tourists with some ecological, cultural and social tips for their travel, enabling them not only to find a common language with the local people, but also to help to conserve the natural environment and cultural heritage. We are convinced that the best way to explore the local culture is to experience the way of life of the people from the inside, from within the community, by staying in traditional home stays. As a result guests are able to explore the village, enjoy folklore shows organized by the local residents, get to know traditional handicraft techniques and visit holy and archaeological sites. Being an ECO-tourist, you can change the world for the better! Zerafshan Valley is a region with a huge diversity of scenery, wildlife and culture. Please take the time to look at some tips and advice in order to help maintain the areas attractions for future generations.