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Undoubtedlythere are a lot of places, where nature favours with  inimitable beauty to people, but hardly you can find the place, where in small area at the foot of snowy mountain, under cloudless blue sky, spilled with colorfull lakes, which water is iridescent with all colors- from light green to dark violet.  All this natural beauty combines with ancient history, culture, traditions and unique ornamental applied art. Moreover, Tajikistan is famous of its inimitable cuisine. The king of Tajik cuisine is PLOV. There is a lot of types of plov here. With our tour you will have an opportunity to taste the most famous types of plov in north of country.

We persuaded that the best way of exploring local culture is experience way of life on the inside of community, being with it, and this is what we are going to do.

Tour Overview

Day 1

Dushanbe –Hissar — Dushanbe

Arrival to Dushanbe, providing with hotel, having a bit of rest, walking around the city, visiting the Ancient Museum. For lunch we will taste local Plov with кунжутного масла. After lunch we will introduce with Hissar (50 km- 1 hour). We will have dinner in restaurant “Forel”. Overnight in hotel.
Day 2

Dushanbe — Iskandarkul

Transfer to legendary lake Iskanderkul (170 km- 4 hour), it makes no sense at all to tell about lake. It is the pearl of all Pamir-Alay range! The territory of the lake is 307 hectare, the deepest point is 72 meters, also we will see Niagara Fanns – waterfall which water falls from 35 m. Zmeinoe Lake is beautiful as well. Providing with homestay in Saratog village. Evening walking through the village. Then with owner of homestay will bake tajik bread in special oven -tandir. The soup with hot bread is exceptional delicious.
Day 03

Iskandarkul — Alouddin lakes

Have you ever heard about the Fanns Amanoze? No!? But certainly you heard about Alouddin Lakes. Today we will have chance to see Fann Amazone and Alouddin Lakes. It’s impossible to describe beauty of nature by words, clearest mountain rivers, snow-covered peaks of mountains, cottonwood and birch groves will makes you happy during the whole way. In Alouddins we will stay in alpine camp “Vertical” and set our tents. Dinner we will have under the open sky. Today we will visit Fanns Amazone where we can taste local kefir (kind of yoghurt), sour cream which was made by our ancestors’ method. With a little bit of luck we will get the fire going some songs and tales. There would be another story about Fanns Amazone.
Day 04

Alouddin lakes — Panjakent

After breakfast walking around the Lakes. There are four lakes here. After the lunch transfer to Panjikent. (180 km- 5 hours). Zerafshan valley was known before ancient Hellene, who named these mountains Komedskiy and Zerafshan river as Polimet- which means gold carrier. For dinner we will have soup with mountain herbs. Overnight in homestay.
Day 05

Panjakent -7 lakes

After breakfast transfer to ancient city Panjikent. It’s also known as eastern Pompeii. The director of museum will tell more about the history city. The history of the city is closely connected with the main religion of that time зороастризмом. Then we will visit ancient Sarazm, which is included in world heritage of UNESCO. Famous Sarasm’s princess was found here. For lunch we will have well-known Panjikents’ plov in local teahouse. Authenticity and simplicity of teahouse will make you relax. But mountains are waiting for us. We will drive to Seven Lakes or its also known as Marguzor Lakes for two hour(55 km). There are a lot legends about the history of these lakes. The guide will tell some of them. We will set in Najmiddin homestay near the fourth lake. Dinner and overnight in homestay.
Day 06

7 lakes

After breakfast we will make a little trekking to seventh lake (18 km – 6 hours). Remember the color of every lake, because you won’t see two similar lakes. Picnic in seventh lake. Return to homestay, where the fresh prepared fish (which was caught in local lake) will wait for us. Overnight in homestay.
Day 07

7 lakes — Istaravshan — Khujand

Transfer to Khujand (370 km- 6 hours). In the way we will visit Mazori Sharif, which is famous as 10th century’s mosque. You can’t face the architecture of mosque in all over the world. We will have roasted mutton in tandir for lunch in Shahristan. After lunch we will visit ancient Istaravshan, it is known as Kiropol, which existed before Ahemenids dynasty. Dinner we will have in Khujand, tasting local Javari- soup, which is cooked only in Khujand. Overnight in Khujand.
Day 08


Khujand is not only one of the most beautiful and ancient cities, but it is unofficially culinary capital of Central Asia. Today according to our program we will visit the biggest bazaar- Panjshanbe, mausoleum of Sheikh Muslihiddin, the complex of Kamoli Khujandi, tourist information center, Tajik sea. Lunch in national restaurant. Today we are going to try shashlik. Then walking embankment of Syr-Darya. Master – class of preparing plov you will see in the evening. Overnight in homestay.
Day 09

Khujand Oybek

Transfer to Oybek (75 km). Departure.

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