Transport services

ZTDA can provide local transportation in the Zerafshan Valley

Our drivers can:
Meet you in Sarvoda, if you are coming from Dushanbe,
Pick you up on the Tajik-Uzbek border, if you are coming from Samarqand;
Meet you in Ayni, if you are arriving in Zerafshan Valley.
Our drivers are highly experienced in driving in mountainous areas.
Minbusus (UAZ) or 4×4 jeeps (NIVA LADA, RAV 4) can take you into remote mountain places. If you are travelling in a group of up to 3 people, the NIVA LADA is the vehicle we would recommend.   For 4 people the RAV4 is the best option. If the groups is larger than 4 people a UAZ would be appropriate for your trip. Both UAZs and 4×4 Jeeps are in very good condition.

The vehicles we can arrange for your trip!