We are sure that after visiting Tajikistan, ancient Panjakent & beautiful Seven lakes you will leave part of your heart to come here again.
Meeting at the border (Sarazm). Arrival to Panjakent. City tour, visiting the ancient Panjakent, the museum and the ancient settlement of Sarazm. After lunch transfer to 7 lakes. Let's move for two centuries ago. The contrast is bewitching. The first lake Mizhgon, the color is dark purple
In the late 15th century, the great grandson of Tamerlane, (the ruler of Fergana and the future founder of the Mongol empire in India), together with the leader, scholar and poet Muhammad Bobur Zahereddin traveled to this region and wrote accounts of these places.
Margheb (1,700m) means “green, blossoming place”, and on arrival you can clearly see where the name originates from. One of the most stunning sites is a one- kilometer rock, which soars above the Village, called Zaminqaror, or “Holder of the Earth”.
The route of this tour takes place in the western part of the Zarafshon Valley which covers Moghiyon and the Shing Valley, a natural border dividing the Fann Mountains into east and west.
“A long, long time ago, in Shing used to live a proud farmer who had seven daughters, each one more beautiful than the other.
One of the legends about Alexander tells that... ...Alexander the Great during his campaign to India, reached the Iskandarkul Lake where he built his camp. He had a favorite horse named Bucephalus, which means “ox-head.”
There are few places in the Zarafshon Valley where nature shows us such unique beauty, and Alauddin Lakes is one of these incredible places. Amazing, stunning colors of the lake waters, clean air, mountain streams and high, snow covered peaks make it an ideal holiday spot for city dwellers, who are tired of city life and stress.
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