Golden Fanns

Departure Date

15 May - 15 Nov


11 Days



Tour features

Duration              11 days

Altitude               Max 3,812m

Difficulty              Medium/high

Distance              220km by car 84km on foot

Tour Program

Day 1

Today we delve into the era of the Soghdians with a sightseeing tour of Penjikent, considered one of the oldest cities of Central Asia. After lunch we drive to the Seven Lakes-colorful lakes of the Zarafshon Valley! Visiting Mizhgon, Soya, Hushyor and Nofin lakes will make your spirit full of blessing and thankful for the life you have. Night at the homestay “Mizhgon” in Padrud village. Staying at the national tajik house you will experience the real hospitality of local people.

Day 2

After breakfast, trekking to the seventh lake (10km,3.5hs). On the way, we explore the fifth lake – Khurdak, which is the smallest lake of the Seven Lakes. We move on to the largest lake of this region – Marghuzor. (10km,3.5hs). Marghuzor, is the largest lake of this region. It is covered with a village from two sides which makes the environment more spectacular. Overnight in tents under the thousands of bright stars on the seventh lake.

Day 3

Relaxing day. You may go walking around the lake Hazorchashma and explore it from different point. Let your body prepare itself for the next day of trekking. The last peaceful night in the tents at the foot of serene mountains in Seven Lakes region.

Day 4

Series of adventures continue today as we cross the Tovasang Pass (3,307m). Enjoy the impressive views from the pass. You will never feel tired as you walk through this remarkable landscape. Overnight in tents along the river Sarimat.

Day 5

Today we’ll conquer Munora Pass (3,500m). You will see the place that you will never forget - an amazingly beautiful little lake surrounded on three sides by mountains. Here we set up our camp & enjoy a starry night.

Day 6

Easy hiking day to the river Archamaydan (12km, 4hs) to the area of Sari Ob that means “beginning of water”! The Dukdon Pass is visible from a short distance. Incredibly beautiful scenery will amaze you! Overnight in tents.

Day 7

Today we will cross the Dukdon Pass (3,812m – 13km, 7hs), our last pass, over the glacier. Overnight at the foot of the pass.

Day 8

It’s time to descend along the river Karakul to the village of Saratogh (4km, 1h). We will go through a dense juniper, poplar and birch trees forest. Overnight at the homestay, where hot shower and lunch await us!

Day 9

Hike from Saratogh to the Iskanderkul Lake (5-6km, 1-2h). The largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in the Pamir-Alai Mountain Range, the pearl of the Fanns! Walking around the Iskanderkul lake, visiting the stunning waterfall, jokingly called the Fann Niagara, the five springs which has curative water, and the Snake Lake which was once part of the Iskandarkul Lake. Overnight in the Soviet base camp.

Day 10

Walking around the lake Iskanderkul (10km) .Today we will see the stunning waterfall, jokingly called the Fann Niagara, the five springs and the Snakes Lake which was once part of the Iskandarkul Lake. Overnight in tents . Soviet base camp

Day 11


Services included

 2 nights in rural homestays

8 nights in tents

Local transportation

Guiding service

Full board

Donkey service



Accommodation Homestay Mijhgon, Saratogh, Soviet base camp, camping.

One of the legends about Alexander tells that...

…Alexander the Great during his campaign to India, reached the Iskandarkul Lake where he built his camp. He had a favorite horse named Bucephalus, which means “ox-head.” After crossing the steep passes of the Kuhistan mountains, his exhausted horse  drank the lake cold water and got sick.

But it wasn’t  any longer possible to stay on the shore of the lake. He  had to hurry. Alexander convened a council of elders and asked them how Bucephalus will be. After much debate, all came to a consensus: to leave with a few soldiers Bucephalus on the lake’s shore, till it will be cured.  Alexander the Great was brought another horse. He sat down on it and with all the army he movedon. The others, pitched a tent near the cave and began to look after Bucephalus.

After some time, the horse recovered.  Grooms fed it with selected grains and pure spring water. It was time to hit the road again when something incredible happened to Bucephalus: it suddenly began to fend off everybody and stopped eating and drinking.

And so it was for several days. And then on a beautiful day Bucephalus rode up to the mountain op, raised up his muzzle and neighed so aloud, that the eco of its voice rolled over the lake.

Then it jumped into the cold water, where it sank to the bottom. And now here you can see the horse,  on the 14th day of full moon when the moon shines its light on the green lake.

The wind begins to blow sharp and water to see the in   the middle of the lake. From the white  foam comes ashore a white-grey horse  to graze in  the meadows and play until the morning. And  with the dawn it returns back into the water. Sometimes, Bucephalus breaks out, jumps from cliff to cliff, from mountain to mountain… Its ride shakes the mountain and makes stones fall. Locals say that Bucephalus had drown itself in the lake, having smelled the death of his master, who, having conquered India,  on the way back got very sick and before reaching the country, died.

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